CIWM® recognised by UK NARIC

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UK NARIC is the national agency responsible for giving advice and guidance on the comparable level of overseas qualifications. They have a number of different services that help organisations understand the level of qualification individuals from overseas have achieved in UK terms and cover secondary to post graduate level qualifications from 186 countries.

UK NARIC help institutions check that students or applicants meet the required qualification level for the course or job they are applying for, as well as provide guidance as to the authenticity of their education documents and whether or not they achieved the qualification from a legitimate provider.

In 2010 UK NARIC concluded that the CIWM® was most similar to British Bachelor (Ordinary) degree. In terms of the structure, content and duration, the CIWM® course is similar to UK Graduate Diplomas and Diploma programmes registered at level 6 within the National Qualifications Framework in the UK.

Consequently UK NARIC issued an equivalence statement of comparability confirming the CIWM® as comparable to British Bachelor (Ordinary) degree standard, which is placed at the same level as Graduate Diplomas / National Qualifications Framework level 6 Diplomas.

For more details please refer to the UK NARIC website

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