The CIWM® Programme


Private banking/wealth management is one of the fastest growing sectors within the financial services industry. Global wealth has been rapidly increasing and is expected to grow at a steady pace in the years to come. Fuelled by the ‘baby-boom’ generation, we are about to see an unprecedented level of wealth pass from one generation to another, creating enormous demand for services in and around the succession issues wealth owners face.

Private banking is, however, increasingly a knowledge business, and one which requires professionals able to understand the individual needs of their clients and the increasingly complex financial products. The huge increases in wealth in new markets as well as the growing demand for sophisticated products and professional client services require a new breed of private banking professionals – individuals able to navigate a world of wealth owners and of investment opportunities.

The Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM®) is a unique, professional qualification for experienced financial, legal and other professionals in the private banking industry. The training combines profound theoretical knowledge with practical skills in the fields of real estate, taxation, law and regulation as well as wealth planning and relationship management.

The qualification is awarded by the Association of International Wealth Management (AIWM), a non-profit association established to promote and strengthen global education in the private banking industry as well as to set a globally recognised standard for the qualification of wealth management professionals – the CIWM®.

The CIWM® programme covers all the key topics for a wealth manager with an international qualification, including:

  • Wealth management and behavioural finance
  • Accounting, corporate finance and equity valuation for wealth managers

In addition a local exam set by individual training providers or an existing regulatory exam covers the core domestic regulations that each wealth manager must be familiar with together with the essential aspects of the local tax system.

Course Materials

The CIWM® course is usually offered through local training providers.

Independent of the training provider, all students – once admitted to the CIWM program- will be given access to a range of material and tools via the learning platform. Amongst others, the following materials and / or tools are provided:

  • The course manuals: Centrally developed, the manuals present the relevant theory and its practical applications.
  • Quiz: This collection of past examinations (multiple choice and open questions) allows for testing knowledge on each subject.

Training Providers

AIWM works with various training providers in Europe, Asia and North America, offering courses for the preparation of the CIWM® examinations. The course duration depends on the structure of the local programme. All CIWM® students have access to various online learning tools.

Contact AIWM for further details of training providers.