CIWM provides a unique roadmap for asset managers, family officers,
investment advisors to understand the private wealth owners both mentally and materially with all life complexities

Fakhri Ahmadov, CIWM

Fakhri Ahmadov, CIWMChief Executive Officer / Managing Director - Ahmadoff & Company

I have been working in the private wealth and investment management
industry for the past 6 years as a portfolio manager. Studying towards
the CIWM diploma has enabled me to develop an advanced knowledge
in my field and take my career to the next level, the in-depth focus on
wealth management is something that for me stands the CIWM diploma
apart from other financial certifications.

Robin Dederding, CIWM

Robin Dederding, CIWMAssociate Portfolio Manager - Stanhope Capital LLP, London

The Certified International Wealth Manager CIWM is an impressive
addition to my CV and a great advantage when dealing with prospective employers, clients or other financial market participants. I can
thoroughly recommend this advanced professional training course to
anyone seeking to open up new career opportunities and widen their
network of contacts.

Noam Rey, CIWM

Noam Rey, CIWMBank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd., Freiburg

My professional training with AZEK was a springboard to a new career – from marketing project manager to asset management team leader. The CIWM training course is very highly rated in the Swiss financial sector, and really helped me to continue my professional development.

What I appreciated most about the course was the wide and detailed knowledge of finance and investment the highly qualified lecturers were able to impart in a relatively short time. The practical content of the course now forms the basis of my daily work. The course challenges you and helps you fulfil your potential.

Daniela Jenni, CIWM

Daniela Jenni, CIWM Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zurich

The Certified International Wealth Manager course is wide-ranging – it
taught me all aspects of investment, both theoretical and practical, and
encouraged me to think. The diploma helps to open doors to promotions
and potential new employers.

Patrick Hasler, CIWM

Patrick Hasler, CIWMCredit Suisse, Zurich

I definitely recommend the Certified International Wealth Manager Programme to everyone who is ready for a new professional challenge. AZEK, Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals, deservedly can be considered as a recognised leader in educational programmes for banking professionals not only in Switzerland, but all over the world.

The training programme makes it easy to structure the theoretical knowledge and practical cases, and it can be recommended to both young specialists and experienced professionals.
The great advantage of the programme is the possibility of independent, distance learning, which allows you to tailor the time spent on training opportunities.

CIWM diploma is a real proof that the holder has succeeded and mastered the subject at the highest professional level, and it opens up new career prospects for designated holders.

Sergey Kudrjavcevs, CIWM

Sergey Kudrjavcevs, CIWMWealth Manager, Latvia